Page 22 - BBHAC Winter 2015-16 Gazette
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season finishing 12th with     all had great races. Marco        National Cross Country
Morgan Squibb a great 18th,    Arcuri improved on last years     Championships, Castle
a solid 39th from Rosie Allan  performance by 11 places          Donington
and 53rd for Jess Neal. Good   finishing a strong 35th, Oscar    27th February 2016
numbers in the age group saw   Hussey, in his first year in the
Daniella Harper finish well    age group was a great 77th        The club enjoyed a very
in 74th, Niamh Milmo 100th,    and Charlie Davis completed       successful weekend at this
Emilie Davis 203rd and         the trio coming in a good         year’s National at Donington
Olivia Berry 210th.            106th place.                      Park, Castle Donington,
                                                                 winning two individual medals
The U15 boys had the biggest   The managers awards for           and two team medals.
squad on the day and finished  performances at the South
collectively as a team in      of England Cross Country          Over fifty of our young
11th. Angus Harrington         Championships are awarded         athletes and countless other
made the top 50 coming         to Isabelle Bridge and Keir       members, parents, siblings and
48th followed by a strong      Lundy for their excellent runs    friends made the journey up
run from Keir Lundy in         at Parliament Hill and for        north, most of them on the
83rd, Joe Georgiadis in 95th   their continued improvement.      team coach, handled safely
and Michael Eagling 99th.      The managers monthly              by ex para Simon Fitz!! After
Charlie Andrews continues to   award for the girls goes to       a short refuelling stop, KFC,
compete consistently and was   Jess Keene for her fantastic      Redbull and crispy creme
rewarded with an impressive    Kent County Cross Country         doughnuts (young athletes
115th, Coleman Corry was       Championship win.                 staple diet it seems) we set up
125th, Callum Myatt 151st                                        base at a new hotel venue in
and Cameron Swatton 160th.     The boys team managers            Nottingham, complete with a
Leo Bradon got through the     award goes to Rowan Fuss          25m swimming pool, enjoyed
muddy conditions to finish     for his dominant win in           by all, except the life guards!
243rd as did Seb Large in      the Kent’s and for a superb
250th.                         second in the South of            A good healthy breakfast the
                               England Championships.            next day set us all up for a great
Millie Smith had a fantastic                                     days running and all age groups
run in the U15 girls 4k race                                     excelled starting with the U13s.
crossing the line in a very
respectable 14th. Issy Bridge
had a terrific run finishing
124th with Grace Scopes
131st, Lily Tappenden 149th
and Zoe Austridge 223rd.
The team were 15th overall.

The U17 boys could only field
three athletes, not enough
to complete a scoring team
but the three that did run
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