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Road Running & Road Relays results & Information for 2014


26 April 2015 - London Marathon 16-09-14

2014 Parris Handicap 4-09-14

7 December 2014 - Dymchurch Marathon 2014 9-11-14

7 December 2014 - Bedford Half Marathon 2014 8-11-14

2 November 2014 - New York City Marathon 3-11-14

5 October 2014 - Young Athletes National Road Relays - Sutton Park 8-10-14

4 October 2014 - National Road Relays - Sutton Park 6-10-14

20 September 2014 - SEAA Road Relays, Aldershot 26-09-14

7 September 2014 - Wolverhampton Marathon 8-09-14

August 2014 - Virgin London Marathon Endurance Camp 1-09-14

25 May 2014 - Bupa London 10k road race incorporating the UK team championships 2-06-14

5 May 2014 - Ted Pepper 10k - Norman Park 5-05-14

13 April 2014 - London Mini-Marathon 24-08-14

13 April 2014 - London Marathon 16-04-14

5 April 2014 - National 6/12 Stage Relays, Sutton Park 7-04-14

30 March 2014 - Rotary Debrecen marathon, Hungary 31-03-14

30 March 2014 - Paddock Wood 1/2 marathon 30-03-14

16 March 2014 - SEAA 12 Stage Relays, Milton Keynes  18-03-14

2 March 2014 - Reading Half Marathon 3-03-14

26 January 2014 - Dungarvan 10 in Cork, Ireland 27-01-14


7 December 2014 - Dymchurch Marathon 2014

Full results here...



Sorry some aren't very sharp but here are a few snaps of our small band of (??fool)hardy Heathens who ran the Dymchurch marathon yesterday in some pretty horrible weather conditions- a Sunday stroll along the seafront it definitely was not!! Congrats to Pete B (2nd), Ian M (4th), John F (12th) and Glen R (14th).



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7 December 2014 - Bedford Half Marathon 2014

Peter Tucker won the event in 73:08

Full results here...

Blackheath also won the team prize: Gareth Evans, Peter Tucker and Fintan Parkinson

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2 November 2014 - New York City Marathon

One of our new recruits just ran the marathon in New York......he is probably too modest to send in his time so for the I will.
It's only his second marathon after Dublin last year. As you'll see from our cross country races he's improving fast. He ran 3.28:04

First Name Last Name Age Team State/
5 km 10 km 15 km 20 km 13.1 mi 25 km 30 km 35 km 40 km Minutes
per Mile
3822 3332 701 7677 ALEXIS TOBIN 40M   Ke IRL 03:28:04 00:23:09   01:09:17 01:32:18 01:37:28 01:56:24 02:20:51 02:47:50 03:16:10 07:57


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5 October 2014 - Young Athletes National Road Relays - Sutton Park

Under 15 Girls team of Naomi, Yasmin & Katey-Ann win the National Title.

Under 13 Boys team of Peter, Joseph & Keir win bronze medals.

Photos from Nic Corry

Thirty eight Blackheath and Bromley HAC U13, U15 and U17 young athletes made the long journey to Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham for this years National Road Relays and finished the day winning gold and bronze medals and having recorded some magnificent results.

The National young athletes road relays attract over 1000 athletes so standards are always top class and our BBHAC U15 girls were top of the tree winning a terrific gold.

Naomi Kingston ran a superb first leg finishing 2nd (running the 4th fastest time of the day), handed over to Yasmin Austridge who did well to hold on to 4th position letting Katie Ann McDonald power back to lead the field, (running the 2nd fastest time of the day) and crossing the line some 12 seconds in front of the second placed team. A fantastic result.

Such is our strength in the U15 girls age group we were able to field strong B & C Teams. The B team of Jenny Allen, Stephanie Taylor & Millie Smith were 27th and the C team of Jessica Sellar, Grace Scopes and Amy Leach were 38th.

The U13 boys also saw Peter Guy come home in second place on leg one (having run the 4th fastest leg of the day), Joseph Georgiadis then set about running a superb second leg (11th fastest of the day ) and opened up a massive lead over the rest of the field crossing the line in third giving Keir Lundy the difficult task of holding on to bronze medal position. Keir made this look easy with a fantastic leg bringing the team home nearly 40 seconds clear of the 4th team. A tremendous team performance.

The B team consisted of Ben Gardiner, Cameron Swatton & young Barnaby Corry guesting for the team and finished well in 39th.

The U17 team of Shannon Riskey, Kelsey Fuss and Jess Keene put together a great relay to finish a fine 9th place. Jess recorded the 5th fastest time of the day and Kelsey the 7th fastest.

The B team of Joanna Clowes, Mary Guy and Jenny Sheasby finished a fine 38th.

Francesca Pickup ran the first leg of our incomplete C team.

The boys U15 and U17 teams were made of boys in the first year of the age group and their finishing positions of 19th and 23rd respectively were a great achievement especially as all will still be racing in the same race next year.

Henry Cowie running in normal determined style brought the team home in 6th (11th fastest time of the day) and then Coleman Corry and Angus Harrington combined well to give the team a great 19th place. The U15 B team of Callum Myatt, Lewis Stickings and Harrison Parker crossed the line in 52nd.

The U17 boys team of Joss Barber, Marco Arcuri & Alex Wiltshire produced a respectable 23rd place finish. Bertie Harrington running on his BBHAC debut ran a strong first leg in our incomplete B Team, good to have Bertie on board.

U13 girls had two complete teams and were tightly packed in 30th & 32nd place. The A team consisted of Lily Tappenden, Jessica Neal & Lauren Goddard, whilst the B team had first year in the age group Morgan Squibb, Zoe Austridge and Gracie Horton.

Blackheath's talent continues to shine on and off the course and as usual we were the best turned out team in the country with magnificent support from the President, coaches, parents and the tent and banners were once again resplendent!

Many thanks to Dave and Hannah Cordell and Norman Park Track Manager Ken Daniel for making our day comfortable and welcoming.

This year the winter team mangers (girls Andy Frankish & boys Paul Austridge) have two new initiatives, one being the appointment of winter team captains the other being team mangers performance of the day, awarded at each race.

We are happy to announce this years Winter Team Captains will be Niamh Bridson Hubbard and Marco Arcuri, both are great athletes and naturally give support to their team mates and are always willing to help out in any way.

This weekends Team Managers Awards go to ;

Morgan Squibb, in her first year in the U13 age group for a magnificent run over the 3.8k undulating course in Birmingham and recording the fastest BBHAC U13 girls time of the day.

Joseph Georgiadis for his outstanding leg in the Bronze medal winner U13 boys team. Well done to both.

We are considering adding a 'Wally of the Day' award but with too many candidates this week, none will be awarded!!

The next cross country race is this Saturday 11th October at Swanley Park we hope to see you all there!

Paul Austridge
Boys Team Manager

Andy Frankish
Girls Team Manager


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4 October 2014 - National Road Relays - Sutton Park

Chaps (& chapettes!),

The Nat. 6 stage was a good event, headed up by Alex B-Littlewood who performed to the strongest of his abilities putting us in fine form up in 10th place. Alex Gibbins took, albeit the hardest leg, and held us in there and was a well placed 32nd, I wouldn't have wanted to run that one!

James Poole gracefully held us in there, then Will Fuller made his debut in fine form gaining 2 places! Will Ruiz recovering from the inevitable Freshers Flu, made a startling return to form. Danny Brewer then brought up the rear (this is an inyourendo, I realise as I write this):

32 Blackheath & Bromley Harriers 1:54:50

1 A Bruce-Littlewood (10) 17:42
2 Alex Gibbins (32) 19:19
3 James Poole (33) 19:13
4 William Fuller (31) 19:18
5 William Ruiz (30) 19:40
6 Danny Brewer (32) 19:38

Well done to all!

Danny, Jon and Andy

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20 September 2014 - SEAA Road Relays, Aldershot

Senior / U20 Women

The girls put out 8 teams of three, the boys 5 had 5 teams and the men 2 teams of 6. The senior and U20 women were not so well represented but we ​finally ​got a team out on the day.

We finished in a respectable 46th place out of 59 over the accurately measured 3851m. Having seriously underestimated the journey time, team captain Jane's warm up consisted of pinning on her numbers and visiting the loo. Lactic legs kicked in after an adrenaline filled opening 300m, but the relays are a team event and the course must be run! She handed over in 43rd place to newcomer Shauna Paice. Now Shauna is just 18 and this was her first big occasion race for the club. She ran courageously and handed over to the more experienced Melody Kane in 54th position. With coach Dave Liston's advice ringing in her ears (not too fast a start, make sure you can finish!) she brought the team up 5 places, leaving another U20, Amber Reed, to bring the team home in our final position of 46th. Running 4th leg is a tough ask because you are often out on your own, with no one to try and keep pace with.

Great support from some of the parents and girls, plus president Dick and Dave and Hanna who kindly left the tent in place until we were ready to leave.

The national relays are on 4th October at Sutton Park. These team events ​a​re FUN​, they are short and they are not muddy!​ If you were entered for the southerns, you have been entered for the national too so PLEASE turn out for your club.

Under 20s run in the senior category, meaning you have all of Sunday to do the A level / uni homework!

Look forward to taking as many as possible to Birmingham next Saturday.

Jane​​ Bradshaw - joint team manager ​

South England 6 Stage Road Relays- Senior Men:

A solid team performance ensured Blackheath and Bromley’s Senior Men’s team qualified for the National Road Relay championships by turning in a 14th place position this weekend.

Our B-team completed a respectable 42nd position out of a total of 72 finishing clubs.

We were unfortunate to have 3 team members pull out on the Thursday and Friday, which meant some juggling around in order to finish 2 Men’s teams.

Our A-team got off to a solid start with Danny Brewer bringing us home in 44th place, but more importantly within touching distance of the leading clubs on time. We then decided to go with our Internationals in a one-two punch with Alex Bruce-Littlewood and Scott Overall taking legs 2 and 3 and moving our team up to 6th place overall. In the process Scott would end up being the fastest runner of the day with a scorching time of 17.47, this sets him up nicely for his race next weekend in the Berlin marathon. I’m sure you will join us in wishing him the best of luck as he seeks to revise his personal best of 2.10.55! Ben Cockburn was then next to take the reins, a little apprehensive after seeing the team move through the field so rapidly, in his words he was ‘s**ting himself’.

He ran solidly to keep us in a qualifying position before handing over to Peter Tucker who had stepped up to the A-team after running and winning the Dartford 10 mile road race earlier in the morning. Sam Barnes then completed our A-team line up by moving us up one position to 14th.

It was fantastic to have a B-team out running in the relays and is something we would like to regularly do. Due to the very late withdrawals, Danny Brewer stepped up to run his second leg of the day in order to complete the team, comprised of Steve Cooper, Dan Kennedy, Jamie Darling making a welcome return to club action, Fintan Parkinson, and Andy Rayner.

We now look forward to the National Road relays in 2 weeks’ time on October 4th, where we have a very strong line up to compete with the best clubs in the Country.

Results: Leg time/Team position/Leg position

14 Blackheath & Bromley Harriers - A Team 1:56:19

Daniel Brewer 20:05 44 42
Alex Bruce-Littlewood 18:25 20 3
Scott Overall 17:47 6 1
Ben Cockburn 20:17 15 33
Peter Tucker 20:09 15 20
Sam Barnes 19:36 14 11

42 Blackheath & Bromley Harriers - B Team 2:06:32

Steve Cooper 21:51 72 64
Dan Kennedy 20:44 65 50
Jamie Darling 20:50 56 47
Fintan Parkinson 20:49 50 39
Andy Rayner 20:16 45 22
Richard Webb 22:02 43 51

Danny, Jon and Andy


BBHAC had 38 young athletes competing in the South of England road relays in Aldershot on Saturday, a terrific number especially as this clashed with the Kent track relays in Canterbury.

The U17's girls had three team competing and the A team came a fantastic 5th, Jess Keene, (3rd fastest individual), Leah Everson and Kelsey Fuss (11th fastest individual). The B team of Shannon Riskey, Mary Guy and Joanna Clowes were 29th and the trio of Molly Dent, Natasha Hainsworth and Jenny Sheasby were 40th.

The U15 girls also had three teams running and the A team were a strong 6th, made up of Naomi Kingston (11th fastest individual), Kelsi Cornish and Yasmin Austridge. The B team of Amy Leach, Millie Smith and Stephanie Taylor were 25th and the C team were 56th led out by Grace Scopes, Darcey Kirwan and Carlotta Weitzel.

The U13 girls had two full teams and a part team and the A team finished just outside the top ten in 11th were made up of Emilie Penlington, Lily Tappenden and Imogen Meers. The B team of Jessica Neal, Hanna O'Flynne and Morgan Sqiubb were 27th while Gracie Horton and Zoe Austridge ran good individual legs but didn't have a third runner to complete their team.

The U13 boys, with four to a team, placed highest for the boys with a strong 14th position. This is a massive improvement on last year where we had no teams competing. Robert Suckling, despite not feeling 100% led the team off with a strong leg, Joseph Georgiadis followed with a powerful leg, handing over to Cameron Swatton having a great run , letting Peter Guy bring the team home in 14th having run the 8th fastest individual leg of the day.

The U15 boys team of George Pope, Callum Myatt, Angus Harrington and Michael Eagling combined well to finish inside the top twenty, placing 19th.

The U17 boys team finished just outside the top twenty crossing the line in 22nd but a great effort was put together by the quartet of Niyi Akin Agunbiade, Marco Arcuri, Charlie Davis and Alex Leggatt.

BBHAC were once again well supported on the day with the President in attendance along with Hanna and Dave Cordell complete with the immaculately laid out team tent.

THe large numbers and complete teams we have competing looks good for the next event, the National road relays in Sutton Park, Birmingham on Sunday 5th October.



Photos from Rod Harrington

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7 September 2014 - Wolverhampton Marathon

Carole Penlington 21st o/a, 1st Female 3:15:12


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August 2014 - Virgin London Marathon Endurance Camp

Three BBHAC girls were lucky enough to spend the week training at the renowned St Mary's University, under some of the country's leading coaches and along side several GB senior athletes.

Jess Keene, Naomi Kingston and Yasmin Austridge put their experience in their own words.

Naomi Kingston
After being selected to go to the London Marathon Athletes Camp through the Westminster mile I couldn't wait to experience the fun and education filled camp. The variety of activities meant that every aspect of running was covered in a way that we could apply to our lives. As well as the various workshops, the inspiring talks from current world ranked athletes puts everything into perspective. By seeing and talking to fellow competitors in a more relaxed atmosphere meant that it was easy to make friends and have a fun time. The circuits, nutrition talk, selection policies and all the other informative workshops were amazing and something that I can't wait to apply to my running regime.

Yasmin Austridge
Over the past week I have been at St Mary's University on a running camp. Not only did we do lots of training (usually twice a day!) we also had workshops and talks including anti-doping, nutrition, physiology and selection policies. My favourite training sessions were the steeplechase introduction (where afterwards around 25 of us squeezed into the water jump, and did some swimming!) and the early morning track session. I also enjoyed doing a session in Bushey Park with Jenny Meadows and meeting Andy Vernon, Mo Farah, Charlie Grice, Emily Gorecka and Matthew Centrowitz! Everyone got on really well throughout the week and I made loads of friends. The only downside was we weren't allowed chocolate or cake until the last day! But overall the week was informative, great fun and a really good experience.

Jess Keene
The camp was a great experience where I trained and made friends with my top rivals from all over England. I saw and spoke to many elite athletes including Mo Farah, Andy Vernon, Jenny Meadows and Matthew Centrowitz(USA). I learnt a lot of things based on nutrition, anti doping, selection policies and many more from the workshops at the camp. It was a tiring week but I hope I am selected next year.



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25 May 2014 - Bupa London 10k road race incorporating the UK team championships

On Sunday 25th May was the Bupa London 10k road race incorporating the UK team championships.

The team excelled with a provisional team result of 2nd in the 3 to score event.

Scott Overall is showing that he has shaken off his London Marathon performance by finishing in the medals in 3rd position in another sub 30 minute performance. He was not far behind recently crowned UK 10,000m Champion Andy Vernon and Olympian Chris Thompson who made up the podium positions.

A welcome but unexpected appearance from Alex Bruce-Littlewood was our second team member to score and he had a fantastic break through performance in coming 5th overall in such company and run a personal best time over the distance. He has carried on his impressive form from the indoor season and over the Country and continues to establish himself as one of the leading runners in the UK at present.

Sam Barnes showed a good return to form in being our 3rd team scorer and also running a personal best time on what is not considered a particularly fast course.

New member Ritchie Leccia proved a great addition to the squad as he finished in a new personal best having broken his best time through the half way point at 5km. There is plenty of scope for improvement having not much experience in these type of competitions.

Former Olympian Mark Steinle made up the Blackheath squad and it is great to see him out competing for the club as frequently as he has over the last few Months and running a seasons best over the distance.

3rd Scott Overall 29.55
5th Alex Bruce-Littlewood 30.13
60th Sam Barnes 32.44
89th Andy Rayner 33.30
107th Ritchie Leccia 33.53
113th Mark Steinle 34.12


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13 April 2014 - London Mini-Marathon

August 2014

Tom Desborough has run in all the London mini marathons since 2008 with his last one in April 2014 and his steady progression has been recognised by the organisers.

The Virgin London Mini Marathon team are delighted to announce that Tom has been the most improved runner in the event's history from 22:13 in 2008 to 16:52 in 2014, over the 3 mile course.

In light of this they are awarding Tom £250 as a prize for his achievements.

A great reward for all the hard work Tom puts into his running.

Well done Tom.

Paul Austridge

Photos from Rod Harrington


Photos from Tom Desborough

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5 April 2014 - National 6/12 Stage Relays, Sutton Park

The winter season drew to a close with the National 12 stage Road Relays on Saturday in Birmingham. In what turned out to be quite a fortuitous turn of events, all the legs were shortened due to health and safety so the times are not quite as impressive as they would otherwise appear. We took a solid team but it was one missing a number of our top athletes who were unfortunately unavailable mainly because of injury, work commitments & London Marathon tapers. We would like to thank all of those who stepped up, some of whom did so at short notice.

The team of 12 that ran performed well & finished in a respectable 39th position – individual & team results are below:

39 Blackheath And Bromley Harriers AC 4:21:29

Fintan Parkinson (57) 28:36
James Poole (46) 13:20
Ross Braden (48) 28:47
Ben Cockburn (47) 14:23
Mark Steinle (46) 27:57
Alex Gibbins (38) 13:52
Danny Brewer (37) 28:18
William Ruiz (37) 14:56
G Vacharopoulos (39) 29:04
Steve Cooper (37) 15:13
Daniel Kennedy (42) 31:28
David McKinlay (39) 15:35


29 Blackheath And Bromley Harriers AC 1:45:21

Jennie Butler (44) 17:06
Carole Penlingto (39) 17:30
Melody Kane (35) 17:03
Sarah Belaon (33) 18:01
Jenny Neal (32) 17:33
Catherine Messen (29) 18:08

Full Men's results here...

Full Women's results here...

Photos from Alan Fountain


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30 March 2014 - Rotary Debrecen marathon, Hungary

Maz and John Turner were flying club colours in Hungary today in. Half and full Marathon respectively:
John came first over 60 in the Rotary Debrecen marathon with a time of 3:47:53
And Maz was second over 60 in the Half Marathon with 2:13:55

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30 March 2014 - Paddock Wood 1/2 marathon

Full results...


Photos from John Oliver


Photos from Paul Austridge

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16 March 2014 - SEAA 12 Stage Relays, Milton Keynes

The SEAA 12 Stage Relays were held on Sunday in Milton Keynes in glorious sunny conditions which were a stark contrast to last year when the event was cancelled because of snow, Ice and sub-zero conditions. We took a solid team with the aim of securing qualification for the National Road Relays in April, which required a top 25 finish.

The team were led out by Alex Gibbins who after running 22.5 miles the day before could have been forgiven for being battle-weary, but in true Gibbo style, stormed the first leg despite very strong opposition. James Poole who is showing very promising form then moved speedily through the field to lift the team up to 15th position in an impressive time of 15:45 which ended up being the 14th quickest short leg of the day!


Scott Overall was on 3rd leg and tore through the field to move the team up to 4th position, Scott’s time of 23:20 was joint 5th fastest long leg of the day and this was achieved whilst in heavy training for the London Marathon!


Georges took over and had an excellent run to move the team up to 3rd position – his time of 16:19 was some 45 seconds quicker than his previous best and was one of his best performances in a B&B vest– well done Georges! Both Andy Rayner and Sam Barnes posted solid times for their long legs despite calf problems hampering their recent training and flaring up during the race.


Super Steve Cooper had the unenviable task of taking over in 5th with rivals bearing down on him, but gave his all to keep us within touching distance. Alex had been trying to prize the great Mark Steinle back into a B&B vest for the past 3 seasons and his persistence was finally rewarded as the recently crowned Sidcup 10 champion returned to the fold with a solid performance.


Both Rich Hall and Jon Vintner agreed to pull out of previously arranged marathon preparation races to don the vest and help the club. Despite their marathon-weary legs, they performed admirably at the shorter distance. Dan Kennedy also agreed to fill in at the last minute despite having been out for months with injury.


Thank you all for your tremendous efforts and for putting your bodies on the line despite injury, prior commitments and lack of form. Your commitment earnt the club 13th position.

13th position: Blackheath & Bromley Harriers 4:21:12

1. Alex Gibbins 26:01 (24)

2. James Poole 15:45 (15)

3. Scott Overall 23:20 (4)

4. Georges Vacharopoulos 16:19 (3)

5. Andrew Rayner 26:29 (5)

6. Steve Cooper 18:03 (8)

7. Mark Steinle 26:43 (10)

8. Rich Hall 18:19 (11)

9. Sam Barnes 26:36 (11)

10. Dan Kennedy 18:17 (12)

11. Dave McKinlay 27:11 (12)

12. Jon Vintner 18:09 (13)

Full results are available at: 

As we have qualified for the National Road Relays (which are taking place on 5th April at Sutton Park, Birmingham), we will be trying to get the best possible team out. Many of those that ran indicated that they would be willing to run the national – many thanks for that. As always, injuries can strike people down at inopportune times and it would be really helpful if anyone who would be interested in running and is available could let us know by responding to this email. As the event is in a couple of weeks and we need to enter up to 24 possible names, we would be grateful if you could let us know asap.

This is the last event of the ‘winter’ season and will also be the last event that we will be managing before handing the baton over to Jon and Danny. We would really like to put in a stellar performance to end the season on a high.


Dave, Alex and Rich

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2 March 2014 - Reading Half Marathon

Full results here...

Midget photos from Paul Austridge

Scott Overall 1st
Mike Skinner 21st
Dave McKinlay 138th
Claire Austridge 7059th

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26 January 2014 - Dungarvan 10 in Cork, Ireland

Hi guys,
You may be interested to know that Alex had to contend with similar conditions (SEAA XC) on the road yesterday in his 10-mile debut. He finished 6th in 50.39 in the Dungarvan 10 in Cork, Ireland, where he's living at the moment.

The whole field was kept waiting on the start line in a hailstorm for 15 minutes until a funeral procession had cleared the course, and the hail and wind battered them throughout the race, so it wasn't a bad result in the circumstances.

There's a photo [and results] on the Running in Cork web-site showing Alex in 2nd place turning his face away from the elements.

Happy running.

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