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How to kill or revive a club

As many club members
will note from reading the How you could kill
a club in 1922
latest website the Club is The article, quite understandably,
embarking on a major was anonymously penned, and
recruitment drive to fill some outlined 28 ways to do this.
of the vacant posts that are Amongst these items were such
essential, or would improve instructions to athletes as:
the effective operation of our Don t come to the meetings and run in the races but if
teams and administration, you do come, come late and don t run ,
and surprisingly there are
around plenty of posts and
needing to be filled, in these If the weather doesn t suit you, don t think of coming .
areas. For those contemplating holding an office

For those concerned by the “Never accept an office as it is easier to criticise than to
do things.
recent decline of attendances
at the club on Wednesday For those wanting to relinquish it
evenings, and who worry Keep your eyes open for something wrong, and when you
about finding more find it, resign”.
volunteers for jobs in the or
club, a delve into our history At every opportunity threaten to resign... or get your
reveals some surprising and friends to resign .
poignant reminders that this To be really awkward and foul up the club s smooth
concern is not new. From functioning
the Blackheath Harriers Hold back your subscription as long as possible or
Gazette in November don t pay at all .
1922 (no 284 Vol XXV)
advice on How to kill To be doubly awkward and scupper the club s social
a club suggested it was When no dinners are given, say that the Club is dead
struggling even then, before and needs a can tied to it Don t ask for a dinner,
subsequently regenerating dance or concert ticket, until all are sold
And finally
When everything else fails, blame the Secretary .
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