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Athletics Report                     25

Henry-James shows his versatility  High jumpers!                       Kent 3 x 800m Champions and
Other relays                       We were fortunate to have           club record holders
A number of athletes had           an outstanding squad of high      Dhir down in the home straight
the opportunity to compete         jumpers throughout the season     in his first run over 300m. I
at the anniversary games           which allowed me to start with    wasn’t sure who would have
at the Olympic Stadium, a          the older age group boys for      crossed the line first if Ben
great experience for all of        the first couple of matches and   hadn’t tripped but what a way
them. In addition to this, we      then to continue to ‘blood’ the   to make your mark. Vishnu also
consistently improved in the       younger boys as the season        set a season’s best in the race
sprint relay throughout the        progressed. A combination of      which he won!
season and I sense we will set     Henry-James, Coleman and          They proved a rich source of
new standards in 2016.             Ben Edozie at the upper end       new members with a number
Another challenge I set the        of the age group and then Rico    of boys joining or being asked
boys was the 3 x 800m relay (I     Cottell, Pedro Gleadall and       to join after impressing in
know, I was greedy). I spoke       Caelan Raju who will still be     these events!
to the 800m runners who            U15 this year all developed and   Selfishly, as a team manager,
appreciated that it was rare       improved their bests.             being able to check who was
to have such a good group          Credit to Rico who managed to     doing what via Power of 10
together at the same time so       beat one of the Southampton       made my life so much easier.
we targeted the Kent Relay         athletes who had won every        KYAL
Championships to put this          single high jump competition      The KYAL is designed to
record to bed for a few years.     he had entered at the Croydon     give as many of the athletes
On the day, a team of Henry-       YDL only a few weeks after        as possible the opportunity
James, Coleman and Angus           the first time I ‘persuaded’      to compete and to try new
smashed the club and Kent          him to give the event a try. An   events. To summarise, we
record with an outstanding         outstanding performance.          dominated and won division
time of 6:24.53. I think we                                          one and were so strong that
were also close to the UK          Pole vault expertise              our second division team were
record but what a way to end       George and Lewis consistently     also promoted to division one.
the season!                        improved throughout the           This was as a result of terrific
                                   season, quietly ‘strutting their  performances from all of you
Coleman and James dominate the     stuff’ on the back straight. I    who competed.
throws!                            was able to assess how well they
                                   were doing by their absence         Peter, Angus and Robert finish in
                                   from the club tent, simply          front in another 800m race
                                   because they were always in the
                                   mix as the bar went higher.

                                   Open meetings
                                   I am unable to name check
                                   everyone who set best
                                   performances in the various
                                   open meetings but hope
                                   that all of the athletes realise
                                   how important these are as
                                   they continue to develop and
                                   improve as athletes. There were
                                   too many great performances to
                                   shout out but one that did was
                                   Ben Bennett chasing Vishnu
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