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   U15 Boys Season 2015 Review

  When I was asked to write         matches. The boys supported          Henry-James in action –
  a review of the track season      and encouraged each other            unbeaten over 4 x 300m
  I reflected on how best to        throughout the whole season        to compete and finished
  summarise the achievements        and showed the importance of       ranked second in the UK at
  of the year. Rather than          team spirit (more on this later).  the end of the season. The
  bring together a summary of       Whilst on the subject              whole squad was, quite simply
  the different match reports       of throws, the level of            outstanding.
  I thought a summary of            performances in the javelin        I made it no secret that I
  highlights would allow me to      was also outstanding! We           wanted the boys to set a new
  better reflect the outstanding    were lucky to have four            club record and they did at the
  achievements of the boys and      throwers who were ranked           YDL final when a combination
  hence the club. Apologies up      as some of the best in the         of Henry-James, Ben Sutton,
  front if there is anyone I don’t  country leaving me with a          Ben Bennett and Peter Guy
  mention but I think most of       team manager’s dilemma on          powered round for a 60m
  you know how proud I was of       more than one occasion. The        victory and a new club record.
  all of the athletes throughout    consistently high levels of        Job done I thought but the
  the season.                       performance from everyone          boys decided to go one better
                                    selected to compete was a joy      at the Kent championships
YDL Final Presentation –            to behold!                         where Coleman, Henry-James,
we are the best club in England!                                       Tom Mills and Ben Sutton
In no particular order my           Middle distance domination         decided to take another chunk
highlights are as follows:          BBHAC have a great history         off the record. This was a
Outstanding throwing!               of outstanding middle              fantastic way for the team to
So often the heavy throws           distance runners and we were       round off the season!
are consigned to the ‘nether-       fortunate to continue this
regions’ of the track and           throughout the season. In          Henry-James and Peter win again!
field time table which was          addition to the ‘home banker’
a real shame for the boys           of Henry-James Cowie
who competed this season.           who was outstanding over
A combination of James              two laps we were fortunate
Lancaster, Charlie Short            to have Peter Guy, Angus
and Nathan Sureshkumar              Harrington, Michael Eagling,
insured that BBHAS set the          Joe Georgiadis, Keir Lundy
benchmark for the rest of           and Coleman Correy to name
the team totally dominating         but a few to maintain our
both the KYAL and YDL               reputation for excellence.
                                    Determination, speed and
                                    sheer class are only some of
                                    the adjectives I could use to
                                    describe the efforts everyone
                                    put in to their races.

                                    4 x 300m relay team(s)
                                    We went through the whole
                                    season unbeaten in the longer
                                    relay which is a credit to all
                                    of the boys who were asked
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