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Athletics Report                   23

Blackheath and Bromley Under 15 Girls and Boys are officially the best  on. At the end of the day we
team in England 2015                                                    waited with great anticipation
                                                                        for the result as the lead had
third and Under 15s 1st so we      2nd in this division and this        changed a number of times
came second overall.               means our second teams are           during the day. We were
                                   promoted to Division One             second by just 9 points to
The next fixture was the 3rd       next season. So we have two          Edinburgh AC. Blackheath
YDL fixture at Reading on          teams in Division One for            and Bromley Under 15 Girls
21st June and we travelled         both Girls and Boys.                 and Boys are officially the
there with high hopes for          Our last YDL fixture was             best team in England 2015.
carrying on our winning            at Croydon on 18th July this         I would like to thank
ways. This was a hard fought       again a great match with a           everyone involved in making
fixture with the lead changing     number of athletes pulling out       the season possible, of course
a number of times during           all the stops. We ended the          the athletes and Parents,
the day by a few points. We        day in second place by just 2.5      Coaches, Team Managers and
came second in the end just        points. But this result meant        Officials. I would also like to
five and a half points behind      we were Southern League              thank Mr and Mrs President
Southampton. All to play for       Champions and were off to            Dave and Hannah Cordell
in the last fixture.               the Final in Birmingham on           for getting to each fixture
                                   5th September.                       early, putting up the club tent
Our last Kent League Fixture       The Final in Birmingham was          thus making sure we have
was at Erith 5th July and          a great event which started          somewhere dry for us all.
again we had a large number        with a coach journey from the
of athletes taking part and        Club House on Friday. There                           Karen Desborough
still trying different events for  were a lot of excited athletes
points.                            a number of who had not                Under 13 Girls Team
                                   competed in a Final before.            Rosanna Allan, Rashidah
In Division One the Under          After a good night sleep (for          Ayinbode, Rene Bel-
13 Girls were 2nd with the         some) the athletes were raring         Monodu, Ella Brown,
Under 15 Girls 2nd but were        to go. Each and every one of           Kendaa Cameron-
first overall and League           them competed to the best              Chavannes, Ellie Dolby,
Winners in this division along     of their ability and more and          Olivia English, Heidi
with the Boys.                     were all encouraging and               Forsyth, Daniella Harper,
                                   cheering their fellow athletes         Olivia Howlett, Abigail
In Division Two the Under 13                                              Leeves, Niamh Milmo,
girls were first with the Under                                           Holly Mpassy, Jessica
15 Girls 1st as well, we came                                             Neal, Ella Osborn,
                                                                          Shakanya Osahon, Abigail
                                                                          Prifti, Emily Purser,
                                                                          Akeiyla Robinson-Pascal,.
                                                                          Ella Smith, Morgan
                                                                          Squibb, Eva Stephanou,
                                                                          Holly Sutton-Trott
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