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   Under 13 and Under 15 Girls
   Summer Season 2015

  A highly satisfying summer       in Division 1 and one in         was on home soil at Norman
  season in which “Blackheath      Division 2. Some of the girls    Park and again there were
  and Bromley Under 15 Girls       were new to competition and      a large number of athletes
  are officially the best team in  many were giving new events      competing. We came first by
  England 2015”.                   a try. It was a cold and windy   40 points which put us joint
                                   day but everyone competed to     leaders with Southampton.
Having won the Southern            the best of their ability.       The third Kent League
League Champions title they        In Division One the U15          fixture was also held on home
qualified for the National         Girls and Under 13 Girls         soil and we had our biggest
Final in Birmingham, whilst        came first and in Division 2     number of athletes competing
in the Kent League the Under       the U15 Girls came third with    yet, with many of them again
13 Girls were Division one         the Under 13s second which       trying different events.
winners and in Division            made us second overall.          In Division One the U13
two the second teams were          The second fixture was the       Girls came 6th with the
promoted. Thanks to the            first YDL of the season at       Under 15 Girls coming 1st so
contributions of a large pool      Southampton on 2 May.            making us first overall and in
of athletes as well as the back    Again on a cold day we had       Division Two Under 13s were
up team they were able do          a large number of athletes
gain distinction in the Final      competing and we finished
in a highly competitive field.     the day in second place just 8
The season started in great        points behind Southampton
fashion with the first of 4        which put us in a good
Kent League Fixtures at            position for the rest of the
Ashford on 19th April.             season.
We had a large number of           Next came the second Kent
athletes competing with two        League Fixture at Medway
teams in each age group one        Park on 10th May. We again
                                   had a large number of athletes
                                   competing in scoring and
                                   non-scoring events with a
                                   large number of relay teams.
                                   In Division One the U15
                                   Girls came first but the Under
                                   13 girls came a disappointing
                                   5th (A number of the under
                                   13s were new and trying out
                                   events, some to build on for
                                   the rest of the season) but we
                                   were first overall. In Division
                                   2 both the Under 15s and 13s
                                   came second.
                                   On 30th May we had the
                                   second YDL fixture this
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