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        Under 13 and Under 15 Girls 2016

                                On the 23rd April, we went   On 19th June, we went to
          Another fantastic season for   to Reading for the first Youth   Eton for the 3rd Youth
          the Young Athletes which   Development League match   Development League
          started on 2nd April with   of the season, with several of   match. With all our athletes
          the Alpha Beta Trophy   our distance athletes missing   competing well and filling in
          Match. The Under 15 Girls   as they were taking part in the   for new events where we had
          came first which was a great   Mini London Marathon the   gaps. We came 2nd overall
          start to the season.  next day we still managed to
                                come 3rd.               Our 3rd Youth Development
                                                        League fixture was on the
                                The next event was the first   19th of June at Norman Park,
                                Kent League at Norman Park   with a home fixture we were
                                on 7th May. We had a large   looking for great things and
                                number of athletes taking   were not disappointed. We
                                part. The Under 15 and Under   came first by just over 40
                                13 girls came first.    points. There were many PBs
                                Our next Youth Development   as well as a Club Record from
                                League fixture was at   Ellie Dolby in the 1200m with
                                Southampton on 21st May   a time of 3.48.6. This puts us
                                and we came second putting   2nd in the table with one more
                                us second in the league. All   fixture to go.
                                athletes competed to the best   On 3rd July, we had our
                                of their ability with many pbs   third Kent League match at
                                on the day.             Ashford and again we had
                                On 5th of June we went to   many athletes competing in a
                                Dartford for our second Kent   few different events, some of
                                League fixture where everyone   which they hadn’t tried before.
                                competed to the best of their   Eleanor Barrett got the club
                                ability and more and we came   record in the Pole Vault with a
                                first overall.          height of 3.10m. We came first
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