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Athletics Report  21

        Matthew Smith continues to                      recording 2:34.9 and Max also
        improve weekly and with a                       ran a leg in one of the relays.
        determined run in the 800m                      Adam Parkinson made his full
        was rewarded with a big 5                       BBHAC debut running his first
        second PB. Another personal                     ever 800m and also took part
        best in the long jump followed                  in the sprint relays.
        by a leg in the relay completed                 Many thanks go to young
        a great day athletics for                       athlete Marco Arcuri who
        Matthew. Sam Reardon ran                        spent the whole day with the
        himself into the top 20 in the                  U13 boys squad, checking
        country with a strong 2:20 in                   numbers, making sure
        the 800m, coming first, ran                     athletes were in the right
        a fast 200m and threw the                       place at the right time and
        javelin over 20m in his first                   even controversially helped
        javelin competition for the                     out the U13 girls team
        club, also coming first. Sam   see Thomas Penlington run   manager, after she was held
        wrapped up his day as part of   his first 800m of the season   up in a very long tuck shop
        the winning relay team.  and he did brilliantly to finish   queue!!
        Eddie Sellar, running in only   in such a good time despite
        his 2nd track event for the   pulling a muscle and limping   Julie Rose Stadium
        club, ran his first 800 and was   across the finish lime. Let's   Ashford 3rd July
        rewarded with a quick 2:32.9   hope Thomas recovers quickly.   Blackheath and Bromley’s
        and a second place, earning   Another personal best in the   young athletes showed great
        loads of team points. Great to   800m was run by Max Gregson   strength in depth at the latest
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