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Athletics Report  19

        100m time. Most disappointing   the B string and being part
        for him was being part of the   of the surprise package that
        DQed relay team but this didn’t   was the winning relay team.
        have an adverse affect on the   Young Max Gregson made his
        final result.           BBHAC debut in great form in
                                the tough 1500m to record a
        First year in the age group
        Matthew Smith showed    new personal best time.
        maturity beyond his years   Callum Carlton dashed   Oliver was also part of the
        with four great performances   straight to the track after a   triumphant relay team and
        throughout the afternoon.   morning football match in   managed to come 2nd in the A
        Starting with his first race   time to cruise around the   string long jump rounding off
        over 100m and his first javelin   blustery 200m and was part of   a successful days athletics.
        competition winning valuable   the second team relay squad   Tom Brash made his
        points for the club, followed   who safely got the baton round   BBHAC debut in some style
        by a great 200m against the   scoring more valuable team   competing in four events
        wind but still knocking two   points. Josh Buddle Smith,   starting with 2nd place in A
        and a half seconds off his PB.   making his BBHAC debut also   string discus, a PB 5:23 in the
        Matthew was then part of a   had a morning football match   1500m, a long 16.51 in the
        non scoring relay team put   but had enough energy left to   javelin and then running a leg
        together to gain experience,   throw the javelin just short   in the relay team that got the
        who collectively ran superbly,   of 16m and was part of the   baton home safley.
        unexpectedly crossing the line   successful relay team.
        as winners in front of all the   Another year young athlete   Nick Paddington was another
        other clubs relay teams.   to have a busy day was Oliver   competing for us for the first
                                                        time and also had a busy
        Brandon Back had a busy day   Robertson running the 100m   debut running in the 200m,
        running his first 1500m in a   sprint and then the middle   throwing the javelin just short
        good 5:25 before throwing   distance 1500m clocking   of 16m and helping the relay
        the javelin and coming 3rd in   up more points for the club.   team complete their lap of the
                                                        4 x100m race, securing loads
                                                        more points for the team.
                                                        Robert Murray only joined
                                                        us this week and on the back
                                                        of only two training session
                                                        made his mark on the team and
                                                        in the league. Robert began
                                                        his day putting the shot an
                                                        impressive 9.85 which currently
                                                        puts him 4th in the country.
                                                        A strong display in the 100m
                                                        and 200m look promising for
                                                        the rest of the season but more
                                                        importantly earned the club
                                                        more team points.
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