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        The Parris Handicap 2016

                                                        times and actually won the
                                                        handicap race in May in which
                                                        the narrowest winning margin
                                                        of one second was incurred
                                                        The April race was won by
                                                        Gerry Alger followed over
                                                        the next 5 months by wins
                                                        for Heath Griffin, Dave Leal,
                                                        Ozzie Adams, John Leeson
                                                        and Marc Knowles. The
                                                        fastest man over the course
                                                        was Angus Harrington in a
                                                        time of 16:35 and the fastest
                                                        lady was Amy Leach in 19:50.
        The monthly handicap race   several regular juniors taking   The course record remains at
        series started in 1993. It   place and it's always great   15:13, which was set by Barry
        was renamed in 1998 after   to see them turning up and   Stephenson in June 2004.
        Roy Parris who sadly died   running the fastest leg. The   At the end of a great series of
        after an heroic fight against   fastest race of the series was   events the overall winner for
        cancer. This event is an apt   won by Angus Harrington in   2016 was Ozzie Adams who
        tribute to Roy. Full details   a time of 16:35. The fastest   had improved considerably
        of  Roy’s story can be read   ladies time was run by another   during the season, so very well
        in the Summer 2007 gazette.  junior runner, Amy Leach,   done.
                                who finished in 19:50. This
        The event is a series of 5km   year seven year old Heath
        handicap races, which take   Griffin ran the race three  Where would we be with without the
        place every month between                       organisers and time keepers?
        April and September.
        James Ingram won the very
        first race in a time of 18:45
        and Graham Fee was the
        overall winner for that year.
        It is a testament to the success
        of this race that in 1993 the
        maximum number of runners
        in any race was 19 whilst 34
        different runners took part in
        the series. We now regularly
        have over 30 runners turning
        out and 64 different runners
        made at least one appearance
        during the 2016 series. We had
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