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Rio Olympics 2016  33
        2016 Olympics…

        The President’s personal recollections

        Unlike the London Olympics   Appreciating Brazil  holder at 800m and 1500m),
        of 2012 when many club   When I look back, I realise   and his wife Sonia, stayed in
                                                        Air B&B accommodation
        members were able to    that I was very lucky to visit   which worked out really well
        experience the thrills and   Rio de Janeiro, who put on   and was a lot cheaper, so
                                an excellent Olympic Games.
        atmosphere of the competition   It was a fantastic show   maybe they were the sensible
        near to hand the 2016   and allowed the World to   ones! It was great to do
                                                        some sightseeing with them,
        Olympics were an experience   appreciate this wonderful city,   including visits to “Christ the
                                the Brazilian people and their
        reserved for relatively few.   way of life. There were the   Redeemer” and “Sugarloaf
        One of those was our club   usual negative press comments   Mountain” which have
                                                        spectacular views of the City.
        president Bill Foster for   before the Games started but
        whom the time spent in Rio   the worries about security and
                                the Zika virus disappeared, as
        and other places was also a   everything ran smoothly and
        time to re-new old friendships   there weren’t any mosquitoes.
        and associations with athletes   I had never been to South
        against whom he competed   America before, so took the
                                opportunity to have a week’s
        against, and those he has   holiday before heading to the
        influenced in coaching. Here   Games. Two of the highlights   Watching the competition
        are his memories of those   were the visits to the 15th   For the first time in the
        games.                  Century Inka city ruins at   Olympics, some of the
                                Macchu Pichu, in Peru, and
                                the amazing Iguazu Falls on   finals were held during the
                                the Argentina/Brazil border.  morning sessions and the
                                                        women’s 10000m produced a
                                I then arrived in Rio on 11th   fantastic race on my first visit
                                August in time for the start   to the stadium. The weather
                                of the Athletics programme,   conditions were very good for
                                staying in a small hotel that   distance running, being cool
                                was a short train journey from   and not humid. The 10000m
                                the Athletics stadium. The US   is usually a slow tactical race
                                Volleyball teams also stayed   at major championships but
        President Bill Foster with friend   in the hotel, to avoid the long
        Chris McGeorge on the beach.  journey from the Olympic   in Rio the Kenyan athlete
                                                        Alice Aprot Nawowuna led
                                Village, and their players made   through the first 5000m in
                                me feel very small at Breakfast,   14.46, and then Almaz Ayana
                                with their women and men   from Ethiopia took it on and
                                towering over me!       ran an amazing 29:17 World
                                It was quite expensive, as not   Record! The atmosphere built
                                surprisingly the hotels were   up as the race progressed and
                                making the most of hosting   people realised the record was
                                the Olympics. My friends Chris   possible - it was a great start to
                                McGeorge (B&B Club record   the Athletics.
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