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Athletics Report  37

        Ozzie Adams taking time off  his   that Deniz Mehmed and   Keepers Mike and Terri,
        rigorous editorial duties to complete a   Gareth Griffin arranged for   Recorders Steve Hollingdale,
        memorable winning of  the Parris shield.  every Wednesday night of The   Denise King and Peter Lovell
                                Parris Handicap. These BBQs   and of course my wonderful
        His performances steadily
        improved over the course of   proved to be enormously   wife Sheila who takes the
        the season and ranged from   successful and attracted not   entries and helps calculate
        17th to 1st with times ranging   only the runners but also non-  the winners at the end of the
        from 23.31 to 21.47.    runners and guests alike. The   evening.
                                BBQ numbers increase every
        Second, only three points   time we hold them which   The first race of the 2017
        behind, was Adrian Stocks   indicates how popular they   series will be on Wednesday
        with a dead heat for third   are with everyone. They have   12th April at 7.15pm.
        place between Dave Leal and   already indicated that they will
        Paul Sharpe.            run these events again for the      Richard Griffin
        The event generated over   2017 event so many thanks
        £450.00 profit and all the   as not only is the catering
        proceeds were donated to The   first class but our bar profits
        House and Social Committee   increase considerably on these
        to be used for the benefit of   nights!
        us all.                 These events could not take
        One of the big highlights of   place without volunteers so
        the 2016 series were the BBQs   many thanks to our Time
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