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Rio Olympics 2016                               Rio Olympics 2016  35
                                Roll of honour for Blackheath Harriers selected
                                to compete in the summer olympics

                                 Olympiad  Name of athlete    Event    Performance
                                 1908   TE Hammond   10 mile walk   6th Q/heat round 1 (1hr23)
                                 1908   AH Healey   110m H    SF, finished 2nd in heat
                                 1908   SC Schofield   10 mile walk   6th Q/heat 2 (1hr21)
                                 1912   CN Seedhouse   200/400m   3rd 200m SF, DNF 400m SF
                                                    1600 med relay  Bronze medal in relay
                                 1912   JT Soutter   400/800m   Withdrew 800m for personal
        Although I spent most of my                 1600m med relay  Bronze medal in relay
        time at the athletics, meeting   1912   FT Browne   200m
        up with various friends in   1912   RG Rice   100/200m   3rd SF 100m, DNF SF 200m
        the stadium each day, I did   1920   RA Lindsay   4x400m relay   Gold medal
        also manage to get to see   1924   HB Stallard   800/1500m   4th 800m final
        Gymnastics, Volleyball and                            Bronze medal 1500m
        Triathlon. The Brownlee   1928   RD Bell    1 mile
        brothers took gold and silver   1928   H Dauban De Silhouette  Javelin   DNQ for final round
        medals in the Triathlon and   1932   EL Page   100m   QF 100m
        it was brilliant to witness                 4x100m relay   Gold medal relay
        Yorkshire’s finest showing   1936   CA Wiard   4x100m relay   Team 4th heat 2
        the way home! Jack Buckner   1936   SC Wooderson   1500m   DNF qualifying heats
        is the CEO of British    1948   J Braughton   5000m   8th in qualifying heat
        Triathlon and he invited   1964   JB "Kipper" Herring   5000m   6th qualifying heat 1 (14.07m)
        me to their “after party” at   1968   S Lightman   50k walk   18th in 4h.59m
        Copacabana beach, it was a   1968   DA Harris (Mantoura)   Breast Stroke
        very enjoyable evening.  1972   MT Coomber (Baldwin)  800m   6th in qualifying heat 2
                                 1972   J Watts     Discus    24th in final pool (b.53.86m)
        The Brazilian people really   1980   B McStravick   Decathlon   15th with 7,616 points
        came to life when they won   1984   L "Buster" Watson   200m   7th in QF
        the football gold, that was   1988   MS Augee (MBE)   Shot putt   17th qualifying round (17.31m)
        definitely the highlight   1992   MS Augee (MBE)   Shot putt   14th qualifying round (17.80m)
        for the home nation. The   1988   J Stoute   200m
        Brazilians are not generally   1988   S Bailey   800m
        big track and field supporters   1992   DJ Marti   High Jump   9th in final (1.91m)
        but there was an excellent   1996   DJ Marti   High Jump   18th but didn't qualify for final
        atmosphere in the stadium,   1996   Tawanda Chiwira*    400m   Reached QF
        even on the occasions when it   2000   J Golding   4x400m relay   Selected but didn't run in heats
        wasn’t completely full.   2000   MR Steinle   Marathon   56th in 2hr 54.42
                                 2000   S Brice     Womens Tri   Did not finish
        I shall look back on my visit   2004   D Grant   4x100m relay
        to Rio with many wonderful   2008   M Douglas   100m   QF in 100m
        memories - it was a great                   4x100m relay   Team DQ in final
        experience and a fantastic   2012   S Overall   Marathon   61st in 2h 22.37
        Olympic Games.           2012   A Gemili    4x100m relay   Team DQ in round 1
                                 2016   A Gemili    200m/4x100m   4th 200m F, Team 5th Final
                       Bill Foster  2016   GR (Dina) Asher-Smith  200m/4x100 (B)  5th 200m F, Bronze medal relay
                                 * Representing Zimbabwe
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