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How would we finish the race if we didn’t have any volunteers?
to my article in the Summer interests will prevent greater who have perhaps grown
2012 Gazette on the Olympic involvement. These cannot cynical of getting involved,
volunteers, I examined the be avoided and must be not having experienced no
experience of a prominent be unfairly misconstrued as a satisfactory reward for it, or
club member s time spent as lack of support for the club. maybe unfair criticism of
a games-maker at the London As Past President Richard what they once did.
Olympics that summer, and Coe remarked in the Gazette
how the example of the in July 2010. Recovery by encouragement
games-makers could help so far as levels of
us to address the challenge commitment to the club are However I believe that the
and difficulty of persuading green shoots of recovery
people to give up their time to concerned, I m not stating are visible if you look for
support the club. that people should dedicate them, and that ours is not
their whole life to the club... a club that should achieve
But for now that challenge commitment is an aspect of
might yet still fall to a their life . recovery by shaming or
faithful few whose age and coercion, but by example and
circumstances allow them Also the idea of volunteering encouragement, particularly
to meet it. For many others and giving up of time might from those stalwarts in the
factors such as work, family seem unattractive to young club who go beyond the call
and other already established and old alike especially those of duty, and whose selfless
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