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example can act as a talisman welcomes those who can do vital tasks can produce a
to galvanise others into a little as well as those who sum total which will ensure
action. The obvious examples give their all, especially when that the club can survive
of this are David and Hannah that little is done for the right well into the future as an
Cordell whose efforts for motives, unselfishly, and to effective force in athletics.
the club have been well the best of their ability. Yes it is a temptation to
documented as well as Alison blame the Secretary, and
and Colin Brand, Denis So it is that those volunteers other prominent club
Lawrie, the Baldwins, Mike that we have should be held officials but try not to fall
Davies, Dave Appleton, Bob up as examples to others in into that trap but show
Cliff and those unsung heroes order to encourage those willing to get involved even
such as Paul Austridge with others who want to discover if at present you are not able
his evergreen keenness, Mick what the club can offer them. for practical reasons to do
Jones and Mike Shepherd, all Those who are inspired by so, and try and put yourself
of whom have recently won the shining examples of the in the place of those who
deserved vice-presidencies. stalwarts should feel enabled are genuinely committed.
And let s not forget Maz and to give of their best, doing As with one of the ways
John Turner whose calming it for the likes of stalwarts mentioned at the start, it is
influence and encouraging past and present in an earnest easier to criticise than do
manner epitomise the desire to put back something something, so do something
inclusive nature of the club. that the club has given them,
and it doesn t have to be a or be seen to do so.
A lesson from scripture demanding task or something Yes you’re going to find
On a different but by no all life consuming. As something to criticise and
means irrelevant level Richard Coe further said something that you feel
I m reminded of that oft if everyone volunteered to do you can do better but try
overlooked but eminently something small, the amount and see if your complaints
profound parable of Christ s of work falling on everyone s don t bounce back on you.
in the gospel of St Matthew, shoulders would be less. Remember that the club is
called the Parable of the run by dedicated volunteers
workers in the vineyard. In Individuals may even have some of whom are using their
that story (Matthew 20 v1- that moment when they area of expertise and others
16) a man hires labourers to alone can fulfil a role which who are doing it simply for
work a vineyard at different can be to the greater benefit the love of the club, and who
times of the day. Even though of the club, when they have are trying their best. We all
some work all day and others the stage to themselves to have something to contribute
only for an hour they are perform their part on it. and can do so but it s got to
all paid the same, and when Cometh the hour, cometh the be done in the context of
those who worked the day man or woman so to speak. encouragement and putting
complain they are reminded yourself forward, as well as
that all have contributed to Every little helps actively recommending others
a common goal and all can Every little helps and the to do the job well.
equally share in the glory combined efforts of those
of achievement. This club performing humble yet Wilf Orton
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