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        Kent league fixture despite   club did well in all throws   relay race and helping towards
        the clash of fixtures with the   starting with a 3rd in the   the final result. Robert was
        London Youth Games. Our   discus, 1st in the B string shot   very pleased.
        U13 and U15 boys and girls   and then saving his best for   Oliver Robertson continued
        are talented and flexible and   last, won the javelin B string   his fine season with a good
        this combination was enough   with a great new personal best.   showing in the 100m and long
        to win the third fixture at a   Middle distance runner Eddie   jump, just short of his best and
        sunny Julie Rose stadium in   Sellar showed he has more   then led the winning team off
        Ashford.                strings to his bow as he won   on leg one of the relay.
        Ellie Dolby ran a very well   valuable points for the team in   Alex Sibley tried his hand at a
        paced 1200m and was     the first event of the day, the   field event and did well in the
        rewarded with a new Kent   discus and followed this up   discus and then ran in the 3
        league record while Ellie   with a solid performance in   & 3/4 lap 1500m race scoring
        Barrett cleared 3.10m in the   the 1500m again securing vital   valuable points, he also gained
        pole vault, a new personal best   team points.  some great experience running
        and new club record out right,   Robert Murray had a difficult   a leg in the relay team.
        having equalled the old mark   and busy day starting with
        the previous week.      the shot put and 100m both   Brandon Back came second in
        The U13 boys were once again   scheduled for the same time.   the shot put and had a great
        out in large numbers with 14   A big 10m plus put in the first   leg in the sprint relay team.
        competing in all track and   round was ultimately enough   Nick Paddington had a busy
        field events. Barnaby Corry   for victory but a rapid footwear   day starting with the shot put,
        led the charge with some   change with the whole sprint   scoring good points, followed
        inspired performances starting   field waiting and watching   by the 100m sprint and then
        with a win in the A string   wasn’t ideal preparation.   gaining a big 1cm personal
        75m hurdles in a personal   However, Robert fought hard   best in the javelin, they all
        best time. This was followed   down the straight but couldn’t   count! Nick then ran a great
        by another personal best and   quite catch the Medway and   bend in the relay team.
        A string victory, winning a   Maidstone athlete. Robert then   Another busy athlete was
        close high jump competition.   had the 200m and a chance   Callum Carlton who started
        Barnaby was also part of the   to reverse the result but the   his day long jumping, before
        victorious relay team.  Medway lad was very strong   running near to his best in the
                                and just managed to hold on
        Sam Reardon also finished the   leaving Robert frustrated in   1500m and with little time to
        day with three wins under his   second. The relay presented   recover straight over to the
        belt, with a quick 200m victory,                200m start for the long sprint.
        a huge new 4m personal best   one last chance for Robert   Callum finished his day off
                                to equal the score but he
        in the javelin and a leg in the 4   had loads to do as we were   as part of the relay team. Max
        x 100m relay. Not wanting to                    Gregson had a strong run in
        waste his time Sam also opted   a couple of meters down on   the 1500m timing a fraction
                                the Medway team coming
        to have a go at the hurdles and   off the final bend. This must   outside his best he also ran the
        did well finishing 3rd.                         anchor leg in the sprint relay.
                                have spurred Robert on as he
        Charlie Adams in only his   powered past the red vest of   Matthew Smith is always
        second competition for the   Medway to win a magnificent   willing to give events a go and
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