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26                                                              Athletics Report

        Match 3: Allianz Park                           Match 4: Eton
        26th June 2016                                  24th July 2016
        Now we’re approaching                           Déjà vu all over again, as
        what is known in common                         the man said. But first we
        parlance as the ‘business end’                  should note the success of
        of the season. We’ve got off                    our U20 sprint relay team at
        to a great start, but it’s time                 the Anniversary Games Club
        to consolidate and not give                     Connect competition the
        anything away. It’s also that                   previous Friday evening - well
        time of year when other events                  done Parris, Maya, Modupe
        begin to syphon off some of                     and Viv – and an honourable
        the more successful athletes   Despite Divine’s absence, we   mention too for our U17
        and we have a number of   still put on a great show in the   team who were just edged
        girls at the British (Senior)   throws. In the U20s, Carys   into 2nd place – well done,
        Championships. Just as well   takes 2nd in the discus, Emma   also, to Mhairi, Magda, Katie
        that we have a great squad!  James 3rd in the hammer and   and Immanuela. But back to
                                new member, Maite Vanucci,   Windsor…
        Sophie (1st) and Shaye (2nd)   2nd and 3rd in the javelin and
        get us off to another good start                With exams and most of the
        (though we’re a vaulter short   shot. We’re even better in the   clashing competitions behind
        again). We’re missing a long   U17s: Victoria and Carys are   us, holidays are commonly the
                                both 1st in the hammer and
        hurdler as well, through injury,                main cause of absences for the
        but we soon put that behind   Eloise wins the javelin and   last match. Nevertheless, we’ve
        us, with wins for Modupe and   shot (where Emma also wins)   still got a respectable team and
                                and finishes 3rd in the discus
        Isio Orogun in the U20 100m                     we’ll no doubt want to finish
        and a 2nd from Magda in the   (with Emma 2nd). Good   the ‘regular season’ in style.
        U17, as well as 1st for Niamh   results also in the jumps with   And we welcome back our
                                Jamiyla and Toyin Orelaja both
        in the U20 1500m and two                        recently crowned European
        2nds in the U17 for Millie and   2nd in the U20 LJ, Annie (also   Youths long jump champion,
        Genni. The remaining middle   1st in the 100mH) and Toyin   Holly, who, although taking
                                winning the TJ and Maite and
        distance events also pick up                    a well-deserved rest from her
        good points: 2nd for Jess and   Jamiyla 2nd and 1st in the HJ.
        Stephanie and a 3rd for Sam   Karina Harris adds a win in
                                the U17 TJ and is 3rd in the LJ.
        Leighton in the 800ms, 2nds
        also for Jess, Jo Clowes and   In the relays, we win both
        Millie in the 3000m and a 1st,   4x100ms with scratch teams
        2nd and 3rd in the steeplechase   and finish 2nd in both the
        from Yasmin, Lottie Weitzel   4x300m and 4x400m. Thus,
        and Georgina. Pride of   despite the absences and a
        place on the track, though,   few resulting vacancies, we
        goes to the 200m runners   win again, if ‘only’ by 87
        with Immanuella and Parris   points from Windsor. As SBH
        winning the U20s and Magda   manage to beat Reading, we
        and Mhairi Brooks taking 2nd   really do now have that foot in
        and 3rd in the U17.     the final.
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