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        National Champions again –
        Our Girls just get better and better

                                Against all the odds, we   B with Annie a close 4th
          Well, having achieved the   start with a full complement   in the A) – and shot, where
          first of our goals, we arrive   of vaulters: not the ones   Annie again fills in for
          at Bedford – a sink hole has   we’d planned to have,   a late illness withdrawal,
          saved us from the cavernous   but Pippa emerges from   allowing us to pick up 3rd
          delights of Alexander Stadium   retirement, Yasmin provides   and 1st in the U17, courtesy
          – to nail the second. Despite,   another cameo and Grace   of Eloise and Emma. And
          undoubtedly, given our   demonstrates her newly   then it’s sprint time, where
          domination of the Southern   acquired skills. Although we   we really make a statement
          Premiership, starting as   may not win any medals, they   of intent as Charmont, Viv,
          favourites, not just for the   provide a huge psychological
          women’s match but for the   boost for the team. In the
          overall title, we’re taking   hammer, on the other hand,
          nothing for granted: this has   Victoria wins the U17 with
          been the year of the sporting   Carys 3rd in the B. (Emma
          underdog (just think Leicester   finishes just out of the
          City or Iceland) and no   medals competing up an
                                age group in the U20). On
          doubt Shaftesbury, scraping   the track, the 400mH has
          through via the paper match,   turned into something of a
          will call up the cavalry from   problem event this season
          somewhere. We’re missing our   but, although we can’t raise a
          junior international thrower:   B string (neither can 4 other
          in these days of improved   clubs), Yasmin abandons the
          equality, the advice has become   pole to finish a fine 2nd and
          ‘go west young woman’ and she   Catrin wins the B 300mH,   Immanuela and Magda sweep
          has, to university in the States.   with Kate just pushed into   all four 100m races. We can’t
          It’s been a long season and   4th in the A. That’s actually   quite manage that in the
          there are a few broken bodies,   a very respectable start in   400ms, though silvers from
          especially among our pole   this company and we’ll only   Isabella and Megan are great
          vaulters, so there’s been some   get stronger… as we quickly   performances, only to be
          last minute work for John   demonstrate in the U20   bettered by Holly and Olivia
          Wakeman to ensure we can   1500m where Katy-Ann   who win both 300s. Hardly
          plug gaps. But we have a great   McDonald runs a tactically   has Holly got her breath back
          squad and we’re a great team:   astute race to sprint to victory   than she’s leading the rest of
                                                        the field home in the 80mH
          bring it on!          and Jess Keene begins an   and Kate grabs silver in the
                                afternoon of Zatopekian
                                proportions by winning the B   B with a dip finish of which
                                string. With solid points from   anyone would have been
                                Kelsi and Millie in the U17   proud. Annie and Isabella go
                                race, we’re progressing nicely.  one better, with both winning
                                                        in the 100mH. We’ve really
                                Next in the field is LJ –   cranked up the momentum
                                Holly duly delivers the U17   and it’s an absolute joy to
                                gold and Jamiyla the U20   watch.
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