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Athletics Report  29
        Part 2 YDL Final – Bedford 4th September 2016

        Javelin and HJ haven’t
        traditionally been among
        our strongest events, but
        Eloise wins the U17 spear
        and Jamiyla and Antonia both
        make the podium in the HJ.
        Time now to bring out our
        captain, Niamh, to hit the
        track and she runs the legs off
        the field to win the 3000m
        with another fine B string
        win from Jess. Amy (4th)
        and Kelsi (2nd) provide great
        support in the U17. Absences
        from the discus mean we’re   Niamh Bridson Hubbard playing a captain’s innings with great runs, not on the pitch
        not as strong as usual, but   but on the track on the 3000m
        Carys and Emma pick up 3rd   the 100m? How could there   provide, as far as the team
        and 4th to ensure we maintain   have been any doubt? Maya,   manager is concerned, having
        the pressure. It takes a league   Parris, Immanuela and Magda   run the odd 'chase himself
        record to beat Annie in the   dismantle the opposition and   in a former life, the highlight
        TJ, but Karina and Nicole   again produce maximum   of the afternoon. Both age
        win both U17 events to finish   points. Which raises another   groups run together and,
        our day in the field on a high.   question: how do you possibly   only two days after her win
        However, we’re far from   follow that? The answer is   in the School Games, Yasmin
        finished on the track. As the   that you unleash the captain   leads the field home. Jess,
        girls walk out from the call   again, who duly delivers a win   on debut at the event and in
        room for the 200m, there’s   in the 800m together with   her 3rd race of the day, also
        only one question: can Team   Grace, who runs a blinder   wins the U20 race with Lottie
        Blackie produce as dominant   – as much a reference to her   (thankfully avoiding her
        a performance as they did in
                                dayglow spikes and socks   water-jumping mishap of last
                                combo as her leg speed – to   year) and Millie also winning
                                finish 2nd. But that’s just the   their races within a race. Not
                                warm-up act for Katy-Ann in   only have we fielded a full
                                the U17, where she continues   complement of chasers but
                                her rich vein of form with   they’re all winners!
                                a dominant, front-running   And so to the relays – where
                                performance, which sees her   has the day gone? Only a
                                win by almost 10 seconds in   lack of baton care is going
                                a new League Record. We’re   to stop our sprint squad
                                still recovering from that as   completing a perfect day.
                                Eloise posts a solid 4th in the   Swift and clinical propulsion
                                B string.               of the baton round the track
                                It’s relentless. We’re straight   by both teams despatches
                                into the steeplechases, which   the opposition, with the U17
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